Sound Design Job Opportunity


We came across a great opportunity for sound designers and wanted to share it here.  Riot Games, based in Los Angeles, are looking for a Senior Technical Sound Designer in R&D.

They’re looking for someone with 5+ years’ experience and good levels of experience with C#/C++ and good skills with Unreal Engine, Unity, or a relevant game engine, as well as ‘exceptional Wwise or Fmod implementation skills‘.

It sounds like a fantastic opportunity for someone with the right background and we hope that this fits someone out there in our community!  Seems like a pretty cool place to work!

For more details, and to apply, head on over to the Riot Games website here.

Good luck to anyone that applies!  Let us know how you get on.  In the meantime, you can continue to improve your network and sound design skills using our library of free downloads and The Cue Tube community!